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Corporate Video - Hard Miles™ DVD

Hard Miles DVD case
Hard Miles - 11 Days   11,000 Miles

The True Story of the 2007 Iron Butt Rally™  --
“The World’s Toughest Motorcycle Competition”

In August of 2007 Abracadabra undertook the daunting task of documenting the epic 11-day nationwide long-distance motorcycle rally known as the Iron Butt Rally. Video crews were sent to stategic locations throughout the United States to capture footage of rally riders arriving at checkpoints and bonus destinations scatted across the map. Along with interviews and first-hand accounts from the actual riders, Abracadabra crafted a 1-hour documentary about the Iron Butt Rally currently available on DVD.


A Prime Showcase of Abracadabra's Video Capabilities

Lick ObservatoryThe Hard Miles DVD project was concieved and produced entirely at Abracadabra, and as such is a prime showcase of all of Abracadabra's video capabilities on display in one project. Every aspect of Hard Miles is a product of Abracadabra's video expertise: camera work, lighting, micing, video editing, Rider Interviewmusic selection, script writing, title and map graphics, animations, DVD programming, menu design and packaging design - we did it all.

A further point of pride for Abracadabra is the inherent difficulty of capturing the scope of such a Map Routegeographically expansive subject. The very nature of the Iron Butt Rally is that motorcycle riders disperse from a common location to every corner of the Untied States and occasionally Canada. Indeed, attempts had been made to document previous Iron Butt Rallies, but had given up due to the logistic nightmare Motorcycle Checkpointof simultaneous nationwide subjects - it is simply not feasable to follow every rider with a camera. Our director and video editer came up with an innovative and compelling way of mixing interview footage with select location video as well as rider supplied photos and custom map Computer Mappinganimations that created a dynamic story telling experience. Hard Miles is a perfect example of the creative solutions that Abracadabra applies when faced with unique production situations.

Hard Miles DVD produced by Dean Tanji; direction, camera and script by Colin Tanji; motion graphics by Itai Levin; DVD design and programming by Derek Tanji; and edited by Korey Smith.